Wound Up Steelhead

Monday while fishing with my clients on the Grande Ronde, we spotted a steelhead jumping many times in this run.  One time when the fish jumped my client saw fishing line wrapped around the fish.  Of course seeing this big fish jump, caused the clients to get very excited and they began casting to the fish.  On the 2nd cast, Denny hooked the fish, fought it and landed it after about 10 minutes only to find 10-15 feet of monofiliment wrapped around the fish and attached to the end of the monofiliment was a Wiggle Wart that wasn’t even rusty yet.   When we got the fish to the bank, we quickly began cutting the line away from it, and pulled out Denny’s fly, and the Wiggle Wart.  Took a quick photo of the fish and Denny and released the fish.  Stuck in the mouth of a native steelhead on the Grande Ronde

Native Grande Ronde fish goes free

This wild buck steelhead is not typical of the Grande Ronde fish, he is much larger.  This year we have caught 7 fish in 30-35″ range.  Never has the Grande Ronde seen such fishing!


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